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What is textoSIGN?

TextoSIGN is a software which allows text to Sign Language conversion, whether it is Spanish Sign Language (LSE), Catalan Sign Language (LSC), German Sign Language (DGS) or International Sign Language (LSSI). For that purpose, we have created a required service which would be integrated, among others, into websites, audiovisual supports, information screens, cash dispensers, and virtual assistants aimed to translate the required information into Sign Language.

Which need do we cover?

TextoSign is set up to attend deaf people in their need to access information in Sign Language. Although these days that access is rather easy for most people, many others find difficult obstacles. It is assumed that not all of us have the same abilities and skills, but we share a common necessity to access information.

Many deaf sign language users feel more comfortable when dealing with new information if it is in sign language rather than written language, and there are cases in which many of them depend exclusively on sign language to both comprehend and communicate information.

What makes us different?

One of the most important, unique and differentiating features of the software is that animations and transitions are provided with great realism.

Thanks to the real-time integrated graphics engine you can see any sign in great detail, whether being close to the device or from any perspective.

Without that life-like element avatars are provided with, signs would not be so realistic and, consequently, much harder for deaf people to understand.

What are the advantages of using textoSIGN?

One of the great advantages is the fact that textoSIGN allows you to customize the avatar, both its physical appearance and clothing, to suit your company´s corporate image and identity.

Likewise, this avatar is durable, that is, its present and future translations to sign language will be homogeneous.