TextoSIGN makes it possible to translate web content to sign language by just clicking a button next to the text, generating the sign language translation in video format.


Audiovisual supports

TextoSIGN allows to interpret video content thanks to the integration of synchronized translation in one of the screen corners.


Information screens

TextoSIGN can be integrated in numerous screens and settings, such as train and bus stations, airports, hotels, hospitals, administration departments, etc.


Virtual assistants

TextoSIGN goes hand in hand with virtual assistants we encounter any ordinary day to get information or make transactions in cash dispensers, ticket vending machines, museums or monuments information points, visitor centres, etc.


Mobile Devices

With signs available, we have created a Sign Language Dictionary with over 2,000 Spanish words that can be downloaded for mobile devices with Android and will soon be available also for iPhone and iPad.